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April is Financial Literacy Month, and we have several resources available!

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April is Financial Literacy Month, and we have several resources available!

Whether you want to make a big change or just learn something new, we have different types of educational resources for all ages available to the community!

  • Schedule a credit report check-up with a loan officer;
  • Houghton High School junior and senior classmen will take part in a Financial Reality Fair in school on April 15, where they will learn how to budget and spend responsibly using a mock paycheck and credit score;
  • Our youth members who are between ages 5-10 will receive an adventure activity in the mail, and local elementary schools will be provided the same activity for their second grade classes;
  • The Education Center on our website has all kinds of tips and resources, from identifying potential fraud to how to make a simple budget to activity/date ideas;
  • Our financial literacy playlists (accessible via our Education Center) teach about all facets of personal finances, and you can even have a personalized playlist created by answering a few questions about your financial knowledge and current circumstances;
  • We will be posting anti-fraud tips weekly on our Facebook page;
  • Copies of “All About Credit,” a booklet written by BFCU, are available in our lobby; and
  • The Portage Lake District Library’s storytime for preschoolers in mid-April will be about financial literacy (reading a book donated by the Michigan Credit Union Foundation), and youth who participate will receive a BFCU piggy bank.

If you’d like to see any other resources from the credit union, or if you have any questions about any of the resources above, please feel free to reach out to us at!