MTEFCU is now Breakwater Federal Credit Union

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Routing & Transit

BFCU’s Routing Number: 291172682

How to format your account number for Direct Deposit or ACH (electronic transactions):

You might be used to using only 5-10 digits when using your member number to do transactions with us, but when setting up direct deposit or transfers, you should use your complete MICR number. See below for how to determine what that number is for each account type:

  • Savings: This MICR number starts with a 1 followed by zeros and your member number to make it 13 digits long (for example, 1000001234567). Note: Side savings accounts have different numbers than your primary savings.  If you want to do a direct deposit or ACH transfer to/from a side savings, please contact us for that information.

  • Checking: Use your complete checking MICR number, which  starts with 15 and is followed by zeros and your member number to make it 13 digits long (for example, 1500001234567). This number can also be found at the bottom of your checks.

  • Loan: If you want to set up ACH payments to your loan, specify that it is a loan when sending funds and use your member number as the account number.

Our routing number (291172682) and your properly formatted account number are printed on the bottom of your checks. If you have any questions or you are having a hard time locating your member number or share/loan ID, please text or call Member Services.

Have a question?

Call or Text: 906.482.5005
Visit: 700 E Sharon Ave., Houghton, MI 49931

Closure notice

We will be closed on Monday, May 27th in observance of Memorial Day and apologize for any inconvenience.

Remember, you can perform most of your banking business via our mobile app or the two 24/7 deposit ATMs in our drive-thru!