MTEFCU is now Breakwater Federal Credit Union

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Experience the Credit Union Difference with BFCU!

Serving our members since 1952.

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Why Breakwater Federal Credit Union?

When you’re a member of BFCU, you’re part of something bigger. BFCU is a not-for-profit institution, which means that our members are also the owners, and their financial health is prioritized above all else. 

When we were founded in 1952, our primary goal was to provide members with access to loans with reasonable interest rates, and that still rings true today!

Put your money where it works for you, not for some invisible investor, and join the BFCU today. 

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Lower Loan Rates,
Less Fees.

We don’t say this just to get you in the door; we work tirelessly to provide you ways that are going to improve your financial situation. From mortgages to vehicle loans, when we say our rates are lower and our fees are less, we mean it. 

Breakwater Spotlight

Vision Statement

To be a credit union people want to be a part of.