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Internal Transfers

Transfers Within an Account

If you are transferring funds within an account (such as from your savings to your checking or from your checking to a loan on the same account), you have several options:

  • Transfer via online banking
  • Transfer via the mobile app
  • Transfer via phone banking
  • Transfer by calling Member Services at 906-482-5005
  • Transfer at an ATM using an ATM/debit card
  • Transfer in person (either lobby or drive-up)


 Transfers Between BFCU Accounts

If you are transferring funds between two separate BFCU accounts, you have the following methods to choose from:

  • Transfer via online banking*
  • Transfer via the mobile app*
  • Transfer by calling Member Services at 906-482-5005
  • Transfer in person (either lobby or drive-up)


*These transfers will require Preference Access, so please contact Member Services if you would like to set up Preference Access between those accounts.

ACH Transfers

ACH Transfers allow you to securely transfer money between accounts at different financial institutions or two accounts at the same institution. They can be set up as one-time transfers or as recurring transfers; they can even be set up for loan payments. You can initiate this transfer at the BFCU or the other institution, whether you are transferring the funds to OR from your account with us. 

To initiate an ACH transfer between two BFCU accounts, you will need the name and account number for both accounts.

To initiate an ACH transfer between a BFCU account and an account at another institution, you will need:

  • The name and account number for both the BFCU account and the account at the other institution
  • The routing number for the other institution

If you want to setup Direct Deposit or set up the transfer at another financial institution, please be sure to check out the formatting requirements on our Direct Deposit page.


Note: We can only end recurring ACH transfers that were set up at our institution. If you wish to end a recurring ACH transfer that you set up at another institution between your account with them and an account with us, you will need to do so at the institution where you set it up.

Wire Transfers

Incoming Transfers

To send a wire transfer from another institution to an account at the BFCU, please use the following information:

  • First Credit:
    Alloya Corporate FCU
    4450 Weaver Parkway
    Warrenville, IL 60555
    ABA: 271-987-635
  • Further Credit:
    Breakwater Federal Credit Union
    700 E Sharon Ave
    Houghton, MI 49931
    ABA: 291172682
  • Final Credit:
    Member name and account number


 Outgoing Transfers

What info does BFCU need to send money from your BFCU account to another financial institution?

  • Recipient’s financial institution (FI): The name, routing number, physical address, and phone number for the FI you want us to send the funds to.  Please contact that FI for their wiring instructions as well, as some FIs have different routing numbers for wire transfers.
  • Recipient account: The name, physical address, phone number, and account number for the person who is on the account that you are sending funds to.
  • Intermediary financial institution: Only necessary if the recipient FI advises you that they have an intermediary FI.


Important note for international wire transfers: Please contact the FI you are sending funds to for their full wiring instructions and bring them to us.

For more information on an outgoing wire, please text or call Member Services.


 Other Wire Information

Incoming international wires sometimes asks for a SWIFT code in order to send the wire.  The credit union does not have a SWIFT code and can accept international wires with the use of its routing number only.

Closure notice

We will be closed Thursday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day and apologize for any inconvenience to our members.

Remember, you can perform most of your banking business via our mobile app or the two 24/7 deposit ATMs in our drive-thru!