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Zogo (Financial Literacy App)

BFCU sponsors Zogo, a financial literacy app which strives to make financial education fun!

Users complete modules for pineapples, which they can then redeem for real gift cards from places like Amazon and Walmart. Soon, BFCU will be offering local prize options to users in our community as well!  You can earn additional pineapples by participating in Pineapple Parties or by referring family and friends.  You don’t even need to be a member to play — nonmembers should still use access code COPPER, though, to make sure they have access to the local prizes.

How to Play
  1. Download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Create a login using access code COPPER.
  3. Tell the app if you are a member of BFCU or not (you do not need to be a member to play).
  4. Start playing!
Refer Family and Friends
  1. Log into the app.
  2. Tap on the shield icon on the menu across the bottom (second icon from the right).
  3. Tap “Invite” and select which communication method you want to use to send the invite.
  4. Select the person(s) you want to invite, then click send.
  5. When they join and create their login, you’ll receive the pineapples!

Leaderboards: There are several leaderboards you can join if you want to compete against a certain group and try to earn the most pineapples.  

Pineapple Parties: Every day, there is a new Pineapple Party across the Zogo-sphere.  The top winner can earn as many as 5,000 pineapples during a party! These occur at 9pm EST every day, so be prepared to play!